Steam Greenlight Will Now Charge $100 For Every Submission

I can’t really say that this wasn’t expected. After launching last Thursday, Steam’s Greenlight has been flooded with countless entries from indie developers, supposedly indie developers and trolls.

Sandwiched between many legit entries are countless hoaxes and illicit entries by trolls and people who never received their mother’s love.

In the beginning Valve started handing out permanent bans to all but quickly saw that this wasn’t going to be a permanent solution. Hence, they finally decided to charge each entry with a $100 submission fee.

Now even though all the submission money is going to charity, some indie developers are not keen on paying.

Kroll from Valve said:

We have no interest in making money from this, but we do need to cut down the noise in the system. The fee is going straight to the children’s gaming charity Child’s Play, but $100 is not an inconsiderable amount for many, especially those hallowed ‘bedroom coders’ people are so keen on. It’s worth mentioning that Child’s Play is incredibly USA-centric, too.

Apart from that there was another problem plaguing Greenlight which Valve has corrected now. Previously every user was bombed with a list containing a million entries of games. It was near impossible to discover new and good games.

Valve countered this with by showing Greenlight users a smaller, manageable list of games that they haven’t rated. That list will be a mixture of new and popular games.

Knowing Valve, we can be sure that they will keep on improving with time. While the current stage of Greenlight might look bleak, it will definitely improve in the months to come.