Steam Greenlight To Charge $100 On Every Submission

Since Steam Greenlight was released it’s received over 700 submissions. Normally this would be great but Designer of UI Alden Kroll says “that doesn’t really tell the whole story of what’s being submitted”.

In a post on the Steam Greenlight Page the designer goes on to say that there were “Two things we’ve noticed so far. First, there are a ton of legitimate submissions that people want to see. Second, there is unfortunately a significant amount of noise and clutter being submitted, either as a joke or by fans not fully understanding the purpose of Greenlight.”

In an effort to reduce the amount of troll submissions, Greenlight is implementing a 100$ fee for developers who want to put their game up on the service. Another feature being added is a better interface which will make it easier to find the kind of games you want to see.

You’ll still be able to vote for free though.