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PS Vita: Remote Play Goes Live With Two Games

The much talked about Playstation Vita “Remote Play” feature has finally been launched!

If you haven’t heard, Vita Remote Play gives players the ability to play PS3 games over a wi-fi network on their Playstation Vita. 

It was first shown using Killzone 3 but, oddly enough, that isn’t the first game to get Remote Play support.  As of right now, you can only use The God of War HD collection and the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

You’ll need to download a patch, of course, but that’s free of charge and ready to download on the PSN.  What’s cool about Remote Play is that, not only can you play your games over wi-fi, you can also stream movies and music as well as use certain XMB apps like VidZone. 

It’s technology like this that’s going to push us all into the next generation of connectivity. Which games would you like to see get the Remote Play treatment next?