Primal Carnage Is A Dino-Murdering Extravaganza

What do you do when a dinosaur stomps up to you and tries to eat you? I assume you shoot it in the face. Primal Carnage is certainly all about that, as well!

This new class-based shooter is coming straight from indie devs, Lukewarm Media. It’s everything that you want in a game; Classes, dinosaurs, guns. Could you honestly ask for more? If you throw zombies and bacon on top of all that, you’ve probably made the most memetastic game that the internet would ever love.

This take on the obviously ever-present struggle between mega-lizard and man look to be a really great class-based shooter. From the beta we can see that there’s a decent variety of weapons for the humans, and there’s also a decent variety of Jurassic creatures to run around as. Yes, you did read that right: You get to play as a goddamn dinosaur.

If you’re as excited to play as a velociraptor play this game as I am, then you can get beta access right now by pre-ordering the game from the Primal Carnage website.

Source: PCGamer