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Modern Warfare 3: New Content Releasing This Week For Elite Members

New content for Modern Warfare 3 is being released this week for all Call of Duty Elite members.

Premium members on the Xbox 360 will receive the content on the 5th of Wednesday while members on PS3 will receive it a day later, on the 6th of Thursday.

The content pack on the Xbox 360 will include three new multiplayer maps: Gulch, Parish and Boardwark. On the PS3 the pack will feature Spec Ops missions Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery; as well as the new Special Ops Chaos mode.

To download the new content you can go to their respective stores through the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer menu. Off course the store will be updated on the release date mentioned (above).

The DLC Collection 3 will be landing on the PC and PS3 next week. It will include new face off maps: Vortex, U-Turn and Intersection. It will also include Special Ops missions called Vertigo and Arctic Recon. All this plus the PS3 content mentioned above.