Middle Manager of Justice Released then UnReleased

In an odd bit of news, Double Fine’s highly anticipated mobile game Middle Manager of Justice was available on the app store and the subsequently pulled a few hours later.

The free-to-play game which puts you into the shoes of a middle manager for the Justice Corporation was approved by Apple this morning and went up for download shortly thereafter.

When asked, creator Kee Chi noted that the version we saw on the app store today was “accidentally” sent out for approval last night.  To anyone who managed to grab it before it was yanked off the app store he makes a small discalimer:

Please note that the game isn’t indicative of what it should be yet.  All the bugs will be ironed out, and there is much tuning to be done.

I’d say this is an odd way to announce that you are pushing your game back a bit.

Did anyone of you guys grab it before it was gone?  How does it play?