Escape To New York City Raid Coming To The Secret World

The upcoming raid for The Secret World and new Tokyo areas are all to come to the game after the next major content update, it seems.

A lot of people have been waiting for the first raid to come to The Secret World, to present some more solid end-game content.

After the resounding success of Issue 1, the first content update, there were many players that thought that the fabled NYC raid would be coming to them with Issue 2. Details have been quite scarce on just what the raid would contain and when it would be released, though.

Well, the guys over at RockPaperShotgun have taken a sneak peek at it, and hint that this is what’s going to close “Act One” of the overarching storyline of The Secret World.

We also found out that it’s not just the Big Apple that’s making a debut; areas in Tokyo will also be making an appearance outside of the tutorial.

There’s going to be a lot more to explore as well, and the mysterious Orochi Headquarters will be the centerpiece of this area. Orochi means Snake, so I’m sure they’re up to something venomous (You may not complain about the pun).

The second content update is due out next week on September 11.