Double Fine Studios’ The Cave Also Coming to Wii U?

It’s not out yet and things are already looking up for the Wii U with this little title from Double Fine studios.

Up to now, the downloadable titles available for the Wii, DSi and 3DS have all been a bit ‘meh’. However, the creators of Psychonauts, Double Fine Studios, are looking to shake things up a bit with their downloadable title The Cave. It’s going to be available on Nintendo’s new console via the eShop. The news comes from Double Fine themselves this past weekend at PAX Prime. Apparently they didn’t even make a big thing of it; it was announced pretty casually.

From the demo at E3, we know that The Cave is an interesting take on the genre of adventure gaming. Various different characters are available, and they all have their own story and reasons to be poking around the titular cave. Each character has different abilities and puzzles, so you’ll be challenging yourself to try and get past certain obstacles with completely different sets of abilities.

The Cave is due out on PC, 360 and PS3 early sometime in 2013, courtesy of Sega. Will it also be out on Wii U in that time period? Hopefully.