Details Drop For Zelda Wii U – Will Release In 2014

An anonymous source within Nintendo Japan has revealed to website Wii U Daily information regarding the new Zelda game for Wii U.

According to the source, The Legend of Zelda Wii U will be released in 2014.

The art and color style of the new game will be similar to what we saw in the last title, Skyward Sword.

Nintendo is sticking to the core values of Zelda, while trying to appeal to a wide range of gamers, casual and hardcore. They feel they’ve found the sweet spot with Skyward Sword, and they’re continuing this approach with the Wii U Zelda game.

The game is being developed using a new game engine that supports advanced visual features. The source added said that the engine hosts the best visuals in Nintendo’s history, and includes a lot of third party tech like Havok for physics and rendering middleware from Umbra.

The conversation then shifted to the Wii U Zelda tech demo we all saw at E3 last year. The source said that the new Zelda game has nothing to do with that demo.

The Wii U Zelda stuff you saw at E3 2011 was just a tech demo, nothing else. I’ve seen none of that in the real game. The tech demo was even made by an entirely different team with an older engine.

Currently there are plans to include mini-games and side quests to the game. However, the aspect of multiplayer will be absent from the game. It will have support for online features though.

The game was initially scheduled for a release in 2013 but Nintendo underestimated the scale at which the game was being made and hence, had to delay it.

Dungeons this time around will also be larger in scale and sometimes will be divided into three parts. The source said that it’ll take hours just to successfully go through one dungeon.

On asking just how big will the dungeons be, the source said:

The first test dungeon they made was a giant forest running on early and buggy Wii U hardware — the dungeon was bigger than the Hyrule field in Ocarina, and the whole thing is one dungeon.

The report concludes with talks on the gameplay style and the use of Nintendo’s new gamepad.

Everything in the game is built around the controller and its unique abilities. Every single feature in the controller is used to its full potential. Some of this stuff is still in early stages of development, but they’ve already implemented enough to show just what’s possible with the new controller. They showed some of this stuff to key third party devs behind closed doors last year to get them to realize the possibilities of the new tech.

It’ll have some revolutionizing gameplay. It has stuff that would never be possible on any other console, and it’s not just one cool feature, it’s one cool feature after another. Each dungeon will offer a different gameplay experience with the tablet controller. It’ll be the most innovative game ever, they got stuff that will be copied by others for years.

So there you have it. As always it’s just a rumor so you don’t really have to believe all of that. However, know that this specific source accurately predicted that Wii U would be getting achievements, and predicted Miiverse ahead of its reveal.