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Canada to Get Amazing PS3 and NHL 13 Bundles

Hockey season is going to be starting up soon and if there’s one thing Canadians love, it’s Hockey.  Like Americans and Football or Italy and Soccer, Canadians go crazy for the sport.  So it’s no wonder that Sony and EA have teamed up to give them one heck of a deal.

Available on September 11th, everyone in the great white north can nab a 320GB PS3 bundle that includes the newest EA Sports NHL 13 game for $299.99.  Sixty bucks cheaper than it would cost to buy them seperately, if you’re doing the math there.  If you pick up the bundle you’ll also receive a free month of Playstation Plus that offers tons of free games and downloads and is perfect for the new gamer in your family.

NHL 13 is looking like it’s going to be a big hit with their new “True Performance Skating” feature and “NHL Moments Live” that will connect you with the real life world of Hockey much like FIFA 13 is looking to do with its similar mode.  So you can’t overlook that.

So if you live in Canada, don’t own a PS3 yet, and want to pick up the new NHL 13 then prepare yourself for launch next Tuesday.