Black Ops 2 To Balance Out Ghost Perk With High Level Requirement

Even the developers think that the Ghost perk is a tad overpowered and needs some method of balancing.

If you’re familiar with Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ multiplayer, then you might remember that the Ghost perk was a little bit on the ridiculous side. If you’re not, then allow me to spell it out for you: Ghost granted you a number of abilities, such as never appearing on enemy Spy Plane radar and getting ghillie suits, which are normally reserved for the Sniper classes.

This perk gets even sillier in Pro mode; you can avoid being targeted by automated killstreaks and you stop glowing on enemy Infrared. Even worse, you also don’t cause an enemy crosshair to turn red when it’s over you, which can really throw off your opponent’s game.

It’s perks like this that can make and break your multiplayer game. And how do they balance it? By giving it to everyone.

Treyarch realised that this was a mistake though, but they don’t want Ghost to be missing from Black Ops 2. David Vonderhaar took to Twitter earlier to explain quickly just how they intended to remedy the problem and try and make the multiplayer more balanced for everyone.

Been working on the level requirement progression all day. I’m thinking #GhostPerk is going to require a high level.

So, they’re not removing it, which I can understand. But they are making sure that it won’t be unlockable early on, which might put newer players off of the multiplayer. It sucks when there’s someone on the same map as you with ridiculous abilities just because they’re slightly ahead of you in the grind. Hopefully the lower level players will have plenty of time to prepare themselves for the high-level Ghosts.