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Resident Evil 6 Demo Coming to XBL and PSN

For any Resident Evil fans out there who haven’t had a chance to play the new demo included with Dragon’s Dogma, you’ll be able to download it on September 18th via the Playstation Network or Xbox Live (Unless you’re not a gold member on XBL, then you’ll have to wait till the 25th, sorry).

The demo will give you an opportunity to play through Chris, Leon, and Jake’s scenarios as well as offer online co-op if you’ve got a friend who wants to try out the game as well or if you don’t want to go it alone.

The good news is that the bugs that players were finding in the Dragon’s Dogma demo have been fixed for this release and should offer a more accurate representation of the final game.

You can check out that final version of the game when it is released this fall.  Unless you got your hands on one of those illegal copies, in which case, shame on you.