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Guild Wars 2 WvW Guide – Tips and Strategy For Attacking and Defending

In Guild Wars 2 World versus World (or WvW) is basically an all-out war between three servers that lasts for two weeks. The war takes place in four main regions; the bottom region is called The Eternal Battlegrounds, and it is the primary combative arena.

It features many capture points as well as a huge keep called Stonemist Castle, which is the largest keep in WvW and the most highly sought capture point. The top, left and right borderland regions are the home regions of each server, colored red, blue and green. You can invade these regions and take control of many points in them.

World Vs. World – An Intro
The war is all about territory control. Your goal should be to capture and defend as many points as you can possibly take from the enemy.

You’ll definitely want to own everything in your color’s own borderland, and be contesting for everything in the Eternal Battlegrounds. The reason why territory control is so important is because the ‘winner’ or which server is currently in the lead is calculated via points.

You get a certain amount of points every five minutes in accordance to the amount of territories under your control. Certain kinds of territories are worth a different amount of points.

Resource Camps are worth 5 points each; Towers are worth 10 points, Keeps are worth 25 and Stonemist Castle is worth a whopping 50 points. How this works is that if you have 10 camps, five Towers, three Keeps and Stonemist castle under your thumb, your server will obtain a collective 225 points at the end of every five minutes.

For more information on capture points, refer to our guide here.

World Vs. World Strategy Tips

While individuals can make a pretty huge difference in WvW, it’s wise to form a group. There is safety in numbers, and you’ll need to be in a group in order to take down and capture points, soloing them isn’t an option as the NPC defenders are more than capable of taking you on and coming out on top.

The Tower and Keep Lords, in particular, are very powerful and can easily destroy small or ill-prepared groups. Communicating with your team effectively is vital for your success in WvW.

When scouts report large forces moving onto a friendly structure or that a particular target is undefended you need to be able to follow up on that information and fast! WvW is won by working together.

Defending a keep can be hard work. Several players will have to be on repair duty to keep the walls and doors from falling down. Other players have to man the walls to fire down on enemies attacking the door. Defensive siege weapons can be built or upgraded as well.

Just keep in mind that your amount of supplies will be limited. Using siege weapons on the walls will greatly increase your range and damage. If you need to get out of the keep, use the teleportation points that only work for defenders to pop in and out of the area. A well-timed charge can roll through an attacking force and destroy its siege weapons.

It is wise to upgrade critical points. Upgrades cost money and supplies at the Quartermaster NPC. Each point has its own Quartermaster.

The Quartermaster sells the upgrades for quite a bit of money, if you choose to spend the required silver, the Quartermaster sends a worker NPC to the assigned location. The Worker will now need supplies to finish the project, and it is the responsibility of the players to keep him supplied.

You can take supplies from the Depot of any point but can only carry 10 at a time, so large tasks will require many players at once, or a single person making multiple trips.

For a comprehensive guide on supply, read here. Here are the various upgrades the Quartermaster has been available:

Hire Outfitter
Sells supplies (Costs 5 Silver, 100 Supplies).

Hire Siegemaster
Sells siege weapon blueprints (Costs 10 Silver, 200 Supplies).

Hire Patrol
Guards wander around the keep, protecting it from attack (Costs 20 Silver, 300 Supplies).

Hire a Second Worker
Structural upgrades are completed faster (Costs 10 Silver, 100 Supplies).

More Guards
Adds more guards to the keep (Costs 25 Silver, 250 Supplies).

Raise Guard Level
Increases the level of keep guards (Costs 50 Silver, 500 Supplies).

Build Waypoint
Adds a waypoint for your team (Costs 20 Silver, 500 Karma, and 100 Supplies).

Build Cannons
Adds new cannons to defend the area.

Build Mortars
Adds new mortars to defend the area.

Reinforce Keep
Upgrades the walls and doors of the fortress (Costs 10 Silver, 50 Supplies).

Reinforce Doors
Strengthens the doors of the keep (Costs 20 Silver, 100 Supplies).

Fortify Keep
Makes the walls harder to destroy.

Siege assault is a major aspect of WvW. There are multiple ways to get into an enemy fortress, so make sure to scout the building and look for weak points. You can focus on a single entry point and try to batter your way past the defenders, or attack one point as a feint and have another team break in from a hidden direction.

Doors and walls can be damaged with your weapons and spells, but siege weapons are much more effective in this regard, read our Siege Guide. The blueprints for siege weapons don’t cost much money, but they require more effort in bringing supplies to build them and defend them.

Watch out for enemy scouts, if your force gets spotted advancing on a point before you’re ready you could find yourself ambushed mid-siege. Make sure to eliminate Dolyak caravans heading for the besieged point to choke their supply lines.

And don’t get assured in your victory, once I saw a team take down the doors of a Keep and charged in order to kill the Keep Lord only to find him – and the entirety of the defenders – standing behind a line of cannons. The cannons decimated the attacking forces, and the Keep Lord made quick work of what was left.

Squad Commanders
Squad Commanders are the leaders of Groups in WvW and are able to mark areas for attack or defense. This helps your forces coordinate and come together as a (somewhat squeaky) war machine.

Choose structures to attack or defend, protect or ambush supply caravans and generally take decisions for the good of your server. You need a lot of experience in WvW to be an effective Squad Commander; however, and the tome which allows you to be one costs 100 gold.