Guild Wars 2 Dungeons Guide – Tips, Map Strategy and Where To Find

The best way to test your metal in PVE is to take your merry group of players into the dungeons. Guild Wars 2 has a vast array of dungeons with each of them having their unique mechanisms to keep them fresh and exciting. This guide will help you raid these dungeons with ease.

Where To Find Dungeons?
A door icon will appear on your map once you have discovered a location of a dungeon. A NPC will be strategically just at the outside of the dungeon to give you a back-story of the dungeon. Furthermore, this is a good way of hooking up with other as they will be hanging around the NPC. You can form a group to raid the dungeon in this way.

Keep in mind that these dungeons have their own set of collectibles like armor set and weapons. Some special dungeons are not accessible all the time these dungeons are made available after players perform certain actions in certain events.

Dungeon Locations and Corresponding Levels Requirement

Ascalonian Catacombs
Location. It is a dungeon suited for 30+ level players and it is located to the North-east side of Ascalonian Catacombs waypoint.

Caudecus’s Manor
Location. It is a dungeon for level 40+ players and it is located to the North-East side of Beetleun waypoint.

Twilight Arbor
Location. It is a dungeon best suited for 50+ level players and it is located on the North-West side of Twilight Arbor Waypoint.

Sorrow’s Embrace
Location. It is a dungeon for 60+ level players and it is located on the South-West side of Sorrow’s way Point.

Citadel Of Flame
Location. It is a dungeon for high end 70+ level players and it is on the North-East side of the Flame Citadel Waypoint.

Honor Of The Waves
Location. It is a dungeon for the true elite of this game 76+ level players and it is located on the North side of Honor of the Waves Way Of Point.

Crucible Of Eternity
Location. It is for players above level 78 and it is located on the North-East side of the Crucible Of Entry Way Point.

Ruins Of Arah
Location. It is the dungeon where only Gods Of Guild Wars 2 can hope to survive (78+ level players). This dungeon is located on the South End of Arah Way Point.

Whenever you first find a dungeon it will be set on story mode you must first beat it on story mode to unlock it for exploration mode. After you unlock it on the exploration mode the dungeon will get higher-level enemies, and also you will be given access to new parts of the dungeon.

On your first trek through the dungeon survivability should be your goal. So set your skill and your friends skills accordingly. Stuns and Healing damage mitigations are all very useful on your first run through a dungeon.

Team Composition

Never form your party or group just based on the profession as it is a common mistake for new players as it seems the easiest and even logical way of forming a party, but that does not how it works in Guild Wars 2.

Different professions need to play different roles in order to successfully raid a dungeon.

Let’s start with Ranged And Kiters:

It is always valuable to have someone who is good at attacking enemies from afar. All professions in the game have skills and powers that can be used for ranged combat. Attacking foes from afar and making them come out of their zone and straight into the hands of the melee combatants of your party is time tested and proven strategy.

Remember to use walls and obstacles to block the attacks of ranged enemy foes.

The person of your party who initiates a battle with the enemy group is bound to be the one on whom which the most damage will be dealt. So do not let this person be a heavy attacker of your group even a warrior covered in heavy armor will suffer a quick death under the full wrath of enemy forces if he does not have the right skills.

You need this initiator to have skills that allow him to take much damage without having much effects on his health points. Healing, damage mitigation, invulnerability or dodging all this stuff can help your tank last longer and allow your damage dealers to dish out punishment without having the fear of being killed.

Remember in Guild wars 2 all professions can do tanking if you know which skills to utilize with him/her for e.g… A Mesmer with pure survivability skills is going to last longer than a warrior who’s slotted for raw damage output.

Guardians make good support in this game. It should be noted that skills which grant healing or buffs to the whole group are far more useful than the one which are of personal use.

Nearly all characters in your party should have at least one of these skills, but a single guy should do nothing else in his arsenal other then these skills. Trust me this guy will be indispensable in your big fights.

Unlike other RPGs you need only one heavy hitter in your party to be successful. If other have moderate damage output in your group, then you will be fine. If you load your party with heavy hitting characters, you will kill a lot of enemies but also get killed often.

Keep in mind everyone in this game is capable of dealing out some damage even the support so no need to have more than one raw damage guy in your team, it will only mess up your team chemistry.

Well, that’s all about the team composition.

Adaptability or Flexibility

Now you should be able to change your game plan at a moment’s notice for you to be truly successful. Remember the words adaption and flexibility. They will help you kill most tough fights.

If you notice your team members fall dead more often than usual, then figure out what’s wrong with your strategy adapt accordingly and only, then progress.

See if someone, like a guardian or necromancer, has a way to counter act whatever it is that is crimping your style. Furthermore, having the team on voice chat really helps to change plans at a whim.

There are various ways from which you can change your team composition and game plan like for e.g:

  • Weapon swapping allows you to access a whole variety of skill even in mid battle.
  • Changing skill sets can help you fight specific enemies but it can be done only outside of the battle.
  • Armor sets can make huge difference for you in certain battles for instance poison resistant armor set will be far more useful against a monster that deals poison damage instead of a regular one. However, you have to change your armor before the battle actually commences.
  • Switching to ranged combat to avoid direct contact with a heavy hitting enemy is also a good strategy.

Vital Members Of Your Party

I have already stressed enough of the facts that all professions in Guild Wars 2 do not have to fix classes instead all professions can play different roles.

Well, there are three roles that are absolutely vital to play well if you want to succeed in dungeons. Those are:

  • DPS
  • Healers (Supports)
  • Tanks

These are the three guys you absolutely need in your party to play well. It does not matter if you do not have Kiters or burst attackers in your party as long as you have these guys you will stand a fair chance of winning any encounter.

Guild Wars 2 – Dungeons

Ascalation Catacombs

Rytlock Brimstone wants you and your friends to go with him to find Eir Stegalkin in the ghost infected catacombs of Ascalonia before Stegalkin stirs up the ghost of King Adelbern.

When you finally catch up to Stegalkin it is revealed she is looking for the magical sword Maegdar, which is the twin of Rytlock’s own blade. Then you are interrupted by Adelbern’s ghost. Rytlock intends to draw out the king’s ghost. Beat all his lieutenants and the king will angrily engage you in a battle.

A new enemy “Gravelings” have made their home in the catacombs, and they feed both upon the living and dead(ghosts). Durmand Priory wants to study this creature and ultimately get rid of them; you must decide the best case of action in this scenario.

Caudecus’s Manor

You and your friends are to attend a grand party. The reason for the gathering is a meeting between the queen and a charr ambassador, and representatives of the other races are present, including Zojja.

Logan is present as well, and suspects Caudecus of plotting something. Uzolan’s invention, a golem using asuran magic, attacks the party and kidnaps the queen and several of the ambassadors.

The heroes must question the party guests for clues and help foil the traitors Uzolan’s plans to sabotage the human charr peace talks and rescue Queen Jennah.

Save Lord Caudecus mansion from bandits who aim to pillage it and capture the staff as well as Uzolan’s asuran technology.

Twilight Arbor

The player must defeat the evil sylvari Grand Duchess Faolain and her minions who have been kidnapping innocent sylvari for her own nefarious purposes.

Faolain has long since fled from twilight arbor but others from her court intend to take over and follow her actions. You and your friends must defeat them.

Sorrow’s Embrace

You and your fellows must go and rescue Zojja, who has to delve far in the depths of Sorrow’s Embrace along with Caithe and Eir to help you.

The Inquest has been forced out of Sorrows embrace, but the situation remains troubling. Factions fight over power, and you are in the middle of all of it.

Citadel Of Flame

You and your friends must fight alongside the pact to defeat Gaheron Baelfi, and his deposed former legion of charr who aim to crush to humans while also contending with Rytlock and Logan, who want to kill each other.

Baelfi has been slain, but his legion has divided itself into splinter groups and are causing havoc. Deal with them.

Honor Of The Waves

Once again, Eir has dived headfirst into danger. You know the drill by now. You have to rescue Eir as she attempts to rescue Claw who in turn wants to rescue the Voice from the dragon worshiping Sons of Svanir.

Save the kodan’s sanctuary ship Honor Of The Waves, which has been captured Sons of Svanir.

Crucible Of Eternity

The Inquest wants to harness the power of the elder Dragons to dominate all other life forms. Your merry band of adventurers must stop them aided by Zojja and a reunited Rytlock and Logan.

Escape from the collapsing complex and make it out of there alive.

Ruins Of Arah

The members of Destiny Edge have re-united, and now it’s finally time to take the fight to the elder undead dragon Zhaitan as you; it over the skies of the City Of Human Gods.

Uncover the secrets of the past races that lived in the world before the advent of the modern ones.