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Gears of War Judgment: Harder Enemies Will Make You Sweat

A major change in the upcoming Judgment title when compared to the previous Gears of War titles is that Judgment comes packed with harder enemies, harder fights, harder decisions and just plain scary monsters.

Epic Games explained that all this has been done to make sure players gets sweaty hands while playing the game.

During an interview with OXM, Rod Fergusson from Epic Games said:

One of our design principles was the idea of sweaty palms. When you play you’ve got to have sweaty palms or we’re not doing it right. So far in all of our playtests we’ve all got sweaty palms so that’s good.

And it’s about making the Locusts scary again. When you spend eight years with the Locusts it feels a bit like Germans in a WWII game, after a while they just become a known enemy.

We wanted to bring back the terror of year one, and that’s what we’re trying to do in Judgement – it’s only a few weeks after E Day, these things are all new to us and we’re really scared of them, what does this all mean?.

Talking about the changes to the Locust swarms, Fergusson said that their power and health have been increased to make them more lethal. He added that one Wretch alone can take players out if they are not careful.