Fourteen Minutes of Tomb Raider Gameplay Demo at PAX

If you missed the gameplay demo shown at E3 worry not, for Crystal Dynamics let people get hands on the demo at PAX. The gameplay footage focuses on Lara’s survival skills, hunting skills and eating skills.

While the game doesn’t look half bad, I’m a bit skeptical about the quick-time events. The QTE mainly showed up during the platforming sections and I hope they stay there. The game looks quite atmospheric, and you can really feel Lara’s distress. She’s not the badass action heroine whom we’re used to yet, just a scared girl, lost and alone, and from what we see the game does a pretty good job of making that come across.

It’s hard to look at the game and not think about all the backlash from this year’s E3 concerning the possibly implied sexual-assault of Lara, but this demo felt intimate, impactful and established this Lara Croft as a very different person to the one we’re used to.