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Dead Space 3 To Have More Than 100 Hours Of Gameplay

Dead Space 3
Developers of Dead Space 3, Visceral Games have come out saying that the new Dead Space game will feature over a hundred hours of gameplay.

In an interview with AusGamers, they also explained the many factors of the game which will lead to long hours of endless gameplay.

Yara Khoury, the associate producer at Visceral Games started with the weapon’s new crafting feature:

I think Dead Space 3 is a little bit different because we have a little bit more depth in gameplay, and also in the environments. So we have the beta-path, which are additional, and total optional levels to explore, which is great if you want to scavenge for great resources.

So this totally ties back into the weapon-crafting feature and the resource management, where you have to explore the world to find the best resources that get you the best parts, and the most badass weapons that you can make. So this all ties in together, into that focus in our investment into making more options for our players to explore.

If you are into weapon crafting, you can spend literally one hundred hours in this thing. If you want to explore all the beta-paths; if you want to replay with the co-op; it’s way more about choice in Dead Space 3: you can really spend a lot of time doing that.

Finally he also stated that the game will have more re-playability value than the previous Dead Space games, making Dead Space 3 a very deep game.

You can read our preview of the game here.