Wii U Cited For Unannounced Medieval Fantasy RPG

A recent job listing has revealed a new RPG set in a fantasy setting coming out for Wii U. The news comes from a job listing of a French developer (Rough translation):

  • Unannounced big budget (multi million dollar/euro) Fantasy Medieval Role-Playing is in the works.
  • The game is for PC / Mac / console.   It is currently in pre-production.
  • The job listing mentions “innovative peripherals (including Wii U)”.  Wii U is the only console mentioned on the job listing.
  • IS is a company being created based in Montreuil, Paris (France).
  •  The team is mainly composed of veterans of the gaming industry and has an internationally recognized expertise in the field.
  • Job listing says details will be announced to the press, between October and December 2012.
  • Offers Pre-employment training : Only one student per class maximum.

And the original listing in French, if you’re so inclined.

And another job posting was made on Deviantart as well:

We’re currently looking for freelances high poly 3D artists.
The project is a video game, an heroic fantasy RPG with higly detailled armors (~500 000 polys per character).  It’s not for real time, rather for rendering, 3D printing and other things of the same kind.

It’s a big project with a big budget (several millions dollars), but also with a lot of work.  Compensation will depend on quality and percentage of completion, from hundreds to thousands of dollars per character.

So, what’s going on? Apparently this fellow is the project manager of Earthling Games, who are noted for making a series of interactive storytelling games on mobile platforms.

All the information we have on this game is that it’s an RPG and has a medieval setting. There’s one piece of artwork floating around called “The Dark Witch”, but we don’t know anything else about the game other than that really.