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War Z Actual Gameplay Footage From PAX

War Z is an enigma. Often accused of being vaporware at worst and a Day Z clone at best, it’s nice to see some actual in game footage for once.

How staged the gameplay seems, doesn’t really help abolish the accusations War Z is facing. Indeed, I truly wonder about this game. While there’s no doubt this game has strong similarities to Day Z, it’s where War Z supposedly differs that has so much of my attention.

The graphics also seem to be a step up from Day Z. However, since it’s said that the standalone version of Day Z will use Arma 3’s engine – which looks even better than War Z’s.

Even though I like the polish of War Z, I just can’t help but shake the feeling that it’s trying to make a quick buck, before Day Z releases its standalone version.

Watch and decide what you think?