Valve Deletes “Half-Life 3” Content From Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight is a fantastic idea. It’s such a shame you have to expose something so beautiful to the internet.

Valve have had to go on a deleting spree about their wonderful new Steam Greenlight service, because of the absurd nature of the content that is being uploaded to it. People have en masse been uploading a variety of Half-Life 3 spoofs, knock-offs and mockeries in attempt to be funny at the expense of Valve. Not only that, but some unnecessarily offensive titles such as “Best WTC Plane Simulator” have made their way on there.

Valve have taken a firm stance on this and have gone about removing the offensive content in as timely a manner as they can.

It’s unfortunate that you have to expose this service to anonymous users, since we all know that Normal Person + Anonymity = Abusive fool. Hopefully these users can get over this immaturity and Steam Greenlight can grow to be a better platform.

Source: Joystiq