Insomniac Has Announced the HD Version of Ratchet: Deadlock

Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac revealed today at PAX Prime panel that the fourth game in the series Gladiator – or Deadlocked as it’s subtitled outside of Europe – is coming to PSN in an HD version later this year.

Released in 2005, Gladiator was the only PS2 game in the series not included in the recent Ratchet & Clank Trilogy.
The game featured the dynamic duo trapped in a fatal game show called Dread zone where contestants must kill each other. The game will be downloadable later this year on the PSN. No firm date has been given yet.

Here are some other tidbits the developers gave on their series during the panel show at PAX:

Clank originally looked more alien than robot. He was also many robots that would cling to Ratchet.
Insomniac revealed color tests for Ratchet in red, blue, purple, yellow, blue, and more. One Insomniac dev said: “Following Spyro, the last thing we wanted to do was another purple hero.”

Insomniac employees were working 80- and 90-hour weeks when Insomniac president Ted Price asked them to start work on Ratchet 2.

The Mackerel 2000, a rejected weapon, was simply a fish.

Insomniac says that the relationship between Ratchet and his girlfriend Talwyn will never extend beyond him “having feelings for her.” It’s a line the developer doesn’t wish to cross.

There was a rejected grilled cheese sandwich launcher. Enemies would get stuck in the cheese or become vulnerable as they ate the sandwich. An nuclear upgrade would make the cheese so hot that it would melt enemies.

More details on Ratchet And Clank’s new game “Full Frontal Assault” here.

Source: GameInformer