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Dead Island Riptide Will Have Character Crossover

Dead Island Riptide
The latest news out of PAX Prime about upcoming Dead Island Riptide introduces some great new features.

Picking up right where Dead Island leaves us; Riptide is all about the dramatic escape of the few survivors and their plight when it all goes horribly wrong. Leaving little changed from the first game, this title seeks to introduce some features to revitalise the game. If you loved Dead Island, then you’ll probably enjoy this title. And better yet, your characters carry over from the first game to Riptide!

All-new vehicle-based combat is one of the key features, which I’m sure you’re looking forward to. Other survivors can sit on your jeep or boat and shoot backwards whilst you man the wheel. And the new chat options should make the multiplayer even better!

There’s more of an emphasis on the actual gunplay as well, which should make shooting all the bullets in the world even more fun. Especially when you consider that the number of zombie mutations and weapons has been increased drastically.

Fans of Dead Island will more than likely enjoy Riptide. Are you excited for it?