DayZ Getting Dogs, Not the Zombie Dogs

The Dog Days are coming to insanely popular Zombie mod DayZ soon, with mod creator Dean “Rocket” Hall talking to IGN about the new update and the dogs in question. They’ll act as faithful companions that can track down animals and, eventually, will defend you from zombie attacks. The German shepherd can be given orders, though this is dependent on how familiar the dog is with you (just like in real life) if you’ve just got the dog, he’s not going to act very intelligent and probably just pee on your leg.

Of course, owning a dog brings with it the a whole new set of problems. It’s another mouth to feed, for one. And I can already imagine griefers sniping poor Fido through the head just to mess with your head. On top of that they could make it a bit harder to sneak around, though I suppose that’s largely dependent on the AI of the dog.

The update is being developed alongside the DayZ standalone game.