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Halo 4: Multiplayer To Include Grifball Mode

343 Industries announced yesterday at PAX that upcoming Halo 4 will have Grifball as one of it’s main multiplayer modes.

Grifball is a mod created by the Halo community where players from both teams must take a ball to the other’s designated goal. It’s similar to what we see in rugby, players can throw the ball to other players who then catch it and run off towards the goal post.

Each player will have a hammer and sword. The hammer has short range but can be used to instantly kill a player. However, on killing the ball carrier, the grifball will go flying. If you kill the carrier with a sword though, you’ll automatically get posession of the ball.

Speaking of multiplayer modes, the Capture The Flag mode has been tweaked a bit. Now, players wield the flagpole in one hand and a magnum or “flagnum” in the other. The flag itself can also be used for slick melee kills where players use the pole to impale their opponents.