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Trailer – Introducing The Furies In God Of War: Ascension

It seems like Kratos has killed every mythological Greek being in existence. However, no need to worry as Sony Santa Monica has sent out a new trailer for God of War: Ascension that introduces the Furies, a new enemy for Kratos to devour.

The new trailer showcases new characters called the Furies. Though the trailer doesn’t really say if they are friends or enemies, knowing Kratos, you’ll probably end up brutally killing and dismembering them regardless of them being your friends or not.

Furies are a band of three sisters under the service of Ares, and since Kratos was never on the best of terms with that chap, I’m sure he is bound to the fight the lot of them at some point through the game. We see one of the three Furies in action in this particular trailer, and her name is Megara. This arachnid-esque beast sports an extra set of long, spidery legs attached to her back that let her move with deadly speed while also giving her a significant height advantage.

Seriously, the pace at which Kratos has been going through his enemies Santa Monica studio may even need to import sci-fi aliens to keep up with him.

Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure: