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The World Ends With You Sequel Teased in iOS Port

It turns out that there might be a bit more to the iOS port than we originally thought. Could a sequel be on the way after all?

So, the seven day countdown on the Square Enix site turned out to be just a port. There were thousands of The World Ends With You fans that were agog to hear whatever news it was Square had, but were somewhat disappointed. It turns out that there might be more to that than we though, though.

This screenshot was found hiding in the secret ending of TWEWY -Solo Remix- and is surprisingly suggestive. This mysterious girl definitely wasn’t in the original game, and the “New 7 Days” in the background definitely suggests that it’s a new week in the Reaper’s Game.

There’s been doubts on the legitimacy of the image, but lead translator Brian Gray confirmed that it was in fact an actual screen on Twitter.

What does it mean though? I note that Brian Gray didn’t actually hint at anything other than it was definitely from the iOS port. Could it be a full sequel? Could it be a DLC add-on to -Solo Remix-? And what connections does she have to the existing characters?

That’s definitely Shiki’s iconic toy cat, and those headphones remind me of Neku. I could speculate all day (And I have been doing so), but I probably won’t come to a decent conclusion in this article.

Here’s hoping that if this is a sequel, it doesn’t crash and burn.