NBA Live 13 Will be a Digital Purchase – No Discs

After months of wondering what will happen with NBA Live 13 and why it appeared at E3 and was never really seen again, the moment of truth has finally arrived. If a recent report is to be believed, EA Sports plans to release NBA Live 13 not as a full-fledged retail release but instead as a $20 digital release.

An EA representative informed IRB GAMER at Gamestop Expo, that NBA Live 13 will release this year in October. It’s a bit risky to not run it as the AAA title as the decision has been made to NOT put the game on disc.

“Live will be looking at a price point around $19.99,” equaling out to 1600 Microsoft Points or a $20 PlayStation Network card.

A digital-only release of NBA Live 13 isn’t a total surprise. EA posted biggest-ever digital revenue of $1.2 billion during its latest financial period, with CEO John Riccitiello saying it will “break away from the pack” in the year ahead with new digital capabilities that he claims competitors cannot match.