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Fortnite Detailed At PAX Prime

Fortnite is an upcoming open world zombie game by Epic Games. Many of it’s features seem similar to what DayZ already proposes. However, it’s a bit too soon to label both of them as similar games.

Today at PAX Prime, Epic Games revealed further details about Fortnite.

Previously said, the game is being developed on the new Unreal Engine 4 for the PC. Featuring co-op, you can work together with friends to scavenge necessary supplies to build up fortifications during the day time. For at night, the creepy crawlers come to life and you’ll be defending against them until morning.

The building procedure is similar to what you have in minecraft. However, the combat in Fortnite is what makes it stand aside.

Earlier speculations had the combat mechanics being very linear. Epic Games today revealed that all weapons are upgradable and each comes handy in different situations.

For example you are handed a crossbow in the start. You can upgrade this to fire three arrows instead of one, fire an electric dart that shocks all nearby enemies or shoot out a grappling hook in order to traverse over the zombie hard and reach higher places.

Enemies will come in various shapes and sizes. Some will be hefty, strong but slow. Others will be small, weak but with high mobility. If you have played Orcs Must Die then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

One enemy kind was revealed which happens to be trolls. They can steal your supplies, tunnel under, climb over obstacles and even open doors to grant access to the enemies.

One of the biggest difference between Fortnite and DayZ is off course the colorful graphics. Opposed to DayZ, Fortnite’s art is bright and cartoon-y.

Bleszinski explained:

The Road is a fun book to read or a fun movie to see for two hours, but we’re hoping that people spend dozens if not hundreds of hours in this world and we want people walking away thinking, ‘that was bright and colourful and fun’ as opposed to ‘I’m going to go slit my wrists now,’. We don’t want to be in the same space as the awesome DayZ.

Building fortifications is a major part of the game. It’s great to know that the structure you build are extremely customizable. All you need are new schematics, which can be found as you progress through the game.

Fortnite has only been announced for the PC but Bleszinski added that it may come to consoles too. Though the PC version is at top priority right now.

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