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Zombie-filled Suprises In the New ZombiU Trailer

If you plan to own a Wii U, and just love zombies, you might want to try out ZombiU.

The horror survival game for Nintendo’s new console is looking quite entertaining, not to mention quite panic-creating, and Ubisoft is intent on pitching in some good old zombie-game spices, such as intensely varying gameplay pace, some scares and shrieks, and the good old gore and violence that we so need to witness.

A new trailer showing just that and quite a bit more has been released, with a good two-and-a-half minutes of exploration of a seemingly zombie-infested Buckingham Palace. Though I can’t speak for what the Queen of England would have to say about it, it seems to be a fitting place to cleanse from these unholy creatures.

Let the zombie apocalypse begin! But before that, watch the trailer:

Sorry, but the zombie apocalypse will have to wait till the release of the game, which is sometime (not announced) in the final quarter of this year.