Ubisoft Shows Classic Stealth In Replayed Splinter Cell Blacklist Demo

The surprisingly violent and action-filled demonstration of the upcoming Splinter Cell Blacklist left us old fans a bit worried of where the series was heading, and whether this reboot would steal the very definition of this game: espionage and stealth.

Aware of these doubts, the fellows have decided to play the demo in the good old-fashioned way, as Ubisoft attempts to demonstrate how the game gives you a choice between your different approaches to dealing with enemies.

So yes, my fellow Splinter Cell lovers, Sam Fisher can actually play it quiet – he seems to have retained all his skills and added a bit of a violent side to it, but how you want him to go about is entirely up to you.

I’ll take this choice gladly, because previous Splinter Cells have taught me that there are some areas that just really NEED some shooting to be done.

Moreover, this variability of the pace and gorgeous graphics gives the game some similarity to Metal Gear Solid, but in a totally un-hate-able way.

See for yourselves:

The game comes out sometime in the second quarter of 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.