Tribes: Ascend Double XP Weekend Will Net You 200% On Every Kill

Following up the Technician Update last week, Hi-Rez studios seem to have decided not to give you any reason not to play with a Double XP weekend.

From tomorrow until Tuesday, every kill will net you 200% of what you’d get otherwise. A perfect excuse for some Labor Day CTF Blitz for you Americans out there (sorry rest of the world, we have to wait till May for our Labor Days). On Wednesday you can finally get that That Fusion Mortar Deluxe you’ve been lusting after for the past few days/weeks/months.

If that doesn’t satisfy your raging desire for Tribes: Ascend experience you’d do well to keep in mind that while the Bonus will only double the baseline XP from matches you can get VIP status or other XP boosts to add to that.