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Medal Of Honor War Fighter – First Video of “Seal Team 6” Series

Medal Of Honor really is hell-bent on taking its shit to the next level. Whether it be allowing people to fight for their nations in the multi-player section of the game or following a personal story of a soldier/preacher.

Well now you can add another thing to the game’s list of efforts to adhere to reality as much as possible. In the run-up to the release of Medal of Honor: Warfighter on October 23rd, in the US and October 26th in Europe and the UK, EA and Danger Close have kicked off a series of video interviews with real-world soldiers who aim to train and inform potential players about these operators and their uses in Warfighter’s multiplayer.

The first video, posted below, delves into Sniper training, and is the first in the firm’s 10-part Combat Training series of videos. Members of SEAL Team 6 and global operators from around the world will be featured.
We will bring you the other nine, as soon as they are released.

Source: VG247