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Killzone Trilogy Collection Spotted On Amazon

Amazon France is listing an October 24-due Killzone Trilogy for PlayStation 3.

Sony has not officially announced a Killzone collection. However, when combined with the missing PS2 Classics version of Killzone, the situation makes sense – ‘hold it back for the trilogy pack’.The collection has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price tag of EUR 59.99, which is approximately 75.03 USD.

killzone trilogy

Killzone (released in North on November 2, 2004), Killzone 2 (which came out on February 27, 2009) and Killzone 3 (launched last year on February 22nd) are all developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The Killzone games have been a critical and commercial success over the years. So here is a chance for all the series veterans to give it another go.