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Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn Cryo Trailer

A new preview trailer has popped up for the Halo live action miniseries, Forward Unto Dawn. In this trailer, the plot for the episode, “Cryo,” is summarized by an engaging scene, reminiscent of an indie film. The episode, as you might imagine, is about Cryo-sleep.

After viewing this trailer, I don’t know what I’m excited for more. As a huge Arthouse fanatic, these preview trailers for Forward Unto Dawn hits me in all the right spots. The cinematography is prevalent.

The acting is slow and methodical, while the storyline is seemingly philosophical and contemplative. The lack of music, at least in the trailers, creates this atmospheric tone that is very melancholic and real. I love it. But that’s just the thing, indie films are just that, indie.

They’re not the mainstream and I wonder how the vast majority of Halo fans will react to this style. I’m optimistically hopeful that the popularity of Halo will introduce a lot of fans to a genre of film, that they may not have experienced, or known about before.

Watch the trailer and see if you agree with me: