F1 2012: Development Of Vita & Wii U Versions Cancelled

I personally like this decision taken by Codemasters. Rather than going for quantity, the developers have opted for quality for their upcoming F1 2012 title.

According to a recent announcement, the racing game will not be released for the Vita or Wii U. This decision had to be taken because of a tight deadline. The developers finally agreed to focus on the console versions to ensure that the game maintained top quality.

Talking to VideoGamer, creative director Steve Hood said:

We looked at whether or not we could justify putting [F1 2012] on [PlayStation Vita] as well and at the time we said no.

The internal Birmingham team is doing the 360/PS3 versions and that stretches us, to be honest. Year-after-year we’ve got that tight deadline of trying to get the game out, and so we can’t take on another one internally if we want to keep maintaining the quality or push for [F1] to be ever-improving.

He also added that they have an option of having an external Brighton-based studio develop the Vita or Wii U version of F1 in the future.

No F1 2012 for the Vita is actually a blow for the hand-held owners. Who doesn’t like playing an awesome racing title while going to work?