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Square Enix Launches CoreOnline Beta

Square Enix announced today that it is launching a new web-based gaming service that will allow consumers to play console quality, high-definition games in their browser. The service is called CoreOnline, and will feature a micro transaction-based system.

Much like what OnLive and Gaikai were offering with streaming video games through a browser to your computer with a broadband connection. What Core Online does differently is offer two ways to play the two games currently available.

Players can either watch ads to earn play time, spend money to unlock individual levels, or pay a premium to purchase the entire game. Titles that are on offer include Hitman and, soon, Tomb Raider.

Square Enix’s library of eligible games will start expanding in October; while there’s no guarantee, the Final Fantasy series or many other dream games will make it to the roster, CoreOnline’s approach might just be viable enough to spare us a few raids on the bargain bins.