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Modern Warfare 3 Collection #4 Set To Launch Next Week

Today we got a bunch of new goodies for Modern Warfare 3. Along with a new trailer for the MW3 Collection 4 pack, we also got some release dates.

Elite Premium Members on Xbox 360 will receive Drops 22-24 (Gulch, Boardwalk and Parish) on Wednesday, September 5. If you’re an Elite Premium Member on PS3, you’ll be receiving Drops 19-21 (Light ‘Em Up, Special Delivery and Special Ops Chaos Mode) on Thursday, September 6

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to get into Call of Duty Elite. now’s the time to strike. You can get the entire season of MW3 content, which is about 24+ pieces of content almost all at once, as part of the $49.99 subscription fee.

Keep in mind that this would cost you less, than to actually buy all 4 collector packs. Though, you should do this now, before the 4th collection pack drops.