Metal Gear Solid Movie Confirmed By Konami

For years now, the rumors of a Metal Gear movie had been swirling around. The project at one time seemed to be coming out of the realm of fiction into reality, but it died away quickly.

Today, it seems the movie is back on. Metal Gear Solid is going Hollywood.

At today’s Metal Gear Anniversary event in Tokyo, photos show banners with the slogan “Metal Gear Solid Hollywood Movie,” along with the Columbia Pictures logo. Columbia Pictures is, of course, owned by Sony Pictures.

Back in 2008, Hollywood producer Michael De Luca of Boogie Nights and Wag the Dog fame was on board as the producer. That movie ultimately fell apart due to financial disagreement between Konami and Hollywood.

Apparently, Konami wanted a big-budget production, but didn’t feel like it could do Metal Gear Solid with the smaller budget Hollywood offered. Let’s hope this time it does not suffer the same fate, and we can see Snake on the big screen.

Update #1
Awesome news fellow Metal Gear Fans, The film has been confirmed. Avi Arad is on-board as the producer of the film. Here is the tweet by John Ricciardi confirming the film.