Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Announced

Metal Gear Solid is a house hold name in the video games industry. It’s one of the most popular games series in the business with a fan following that only some can match up to. Today is a big day for all those fans as the creator, Hideo Kojima has announced the next title in the franchise; Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

The announcement came during their 25th anniversary celebration of the Metal Gear Series. A live demo of the game was shown to the audience behind closed doors. Reports so far are that the video left the audience in sheer awe. The demonstration was done using a PC which boasts current generation specifications.

It wasn’t long before people started tweeting about how the game looks achingly beautiful. Seems like the new Fox Engine has done the franchise justice.

Kojima revealed that Ground Zeroes will feature an open world for the first time. In previous Metal Gear titles, stealth is a key factor and it’s all over once you’re detected/found. In the new title however, you’ll have the option to escape the enemies if you’re discovered. For this you’ll have to have a keen eye for detail in knowing what you can use in your surroundings in order to stay hidden.

A new Metal Gear Solid game wasn’t the only announcement by Kojima during the event. The legend took to the stage one last time to inform people of a movie being made on the franchise, which is being produced by Marvel producer Avi Arad for Columbia Pictures.

Finally a mobile game was also announced called Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops. It will be running on Unity and will be released between autumn and winter. You can check out a screenshot for it below.

Metal Gear Solid Social Ops

Kojima is now scheduled to talk about his new game at Eurogamer Expo next month. In the mean while you can soak in all the glory emanating from this image (below):

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Art