Guild Wars 2 Chef Crafting Guide – Recipes, Dyes and Ingredients

I wanted to be a chef, but it couldn’t happen in real life. So, I tried to be one in Guild Wars 2. The experience wasn’t that bad as cooking various materials can provide you some useful buffs temporarily. The crafted materials can be used by any profession so whoever you are; you can opt for this discipline.

Cooking may not stand as your primary choice in crafting disciplines, but if you want to make a shift, I will recommend that you give it a try.

Talking of shifting disciplines, you will have to meet the Master Chefs, who will teach the art of cooking. You can find them in the following places:

  • Bhia (The Grove)
  • Reimar (Hoelbrak)
  • Prazz (Rata Sum)
  • Gurges Burnpaw (The Black Citadel)
  • Lachaidh (Lion’s Arch)

Being a Chef, you will also be able to make dyes that can be used to customize your character.

Guild Wars 2 – Chef Ingredient Refinement
You will be gathering plenty of raw food materials as you progress in Guild Wars 2. Not all of them can be used directly to craft materials and will need refinement before use. Following is the list of some of the materials that can be refined by a Chef:

Ball of Cookie Dough

  • Difficulty(25)
  • Materials (1x Stick of Butter + 1x Bag of Flour + 1x Egg + 1x Bag of Sugar)

Ball of Dough

  • Difficulty (0)
  • Materials (1x Jug of Water Jug of Water + 1x Bag of Flour Bag of Flour + 1x Stick of Butter Stick of Butter)

Bowl of Baker’s Dry Ingredients

  • Difficulty (75)
  • Materials (1x Bag of Flour + 1x Packet of Baking Powder + 1x Packet of Salt + 1x Bag of Sugar

Bowl of Baker’s Wet Ingredients

  • Difficulty (75)
  • Materials (1x Glass of Buttermilk + 1x Stick of Butter + 1x Egg)

Bowl of Blueberry Pie Filling

  • Difficulty (50)
  • Materials (1x Lemon + 1x Blueberry + 1x Bag of Starch)

Bowl of Cream Soup Base

  • Difficulty (75)
  • Materials (1x Bowl of Raux + 1x Pile of Salt Pepper + 1x Glass of Buttermilk + 1x Bowl of Poultry Stock)

Bowl of Roux

  • Difficulty (75)
  • Materials (1x Bag of Flour + 1x Stick of Butter)

Bowl of Stage of Stuffing

  • Difficulty (100)
  • Materials (1x Loaf of Bread + 1x Sage Leaf)

Bowl of Staple Food

  • Difficulty (25)
  • Materials (1x Onion + 1x Carrot + 1x Celery Stalk + 1x Potato)

Bowl of Tangy Sautee Mix

  • Difficulty (75)
  • Materials (1x Onion + 1x Head of Garlic + 1x Jar of Vegetable Oil

Cup of Banana Cream Pie

  • Difficulty (100)
  • Materials (1x Banana + 1x Vanilla Been + 1x Jug of Water + 1x Bag of Sugar)

Jar of Tomato Sauce

  • Difficulty (75)
  • Materials (1x Tomato + 1x Onion + 1x Head of Garlic)

Pasta Noodles

  • Difficulty (25)
  • Materials (1x Jug of Water + 1x Bag of Flour + 1x Egg)

Similarly, there is seasoning for some fermented products. If you know any other recipes to craft the refined materials, share with us in the comments below.

Guild Wars 2 – Chef Recipes
Although you will learn most of the recipes after every 25 skill level, there are many recipes which are to be learned by the chef before you can craft them. If you are looking for a chef recipe resource, you should check out Chef Recipes Database.