GTA 4: Back To The Future Mod Has Time Traveling Delorean

You’re not going to believe this. I didn’t believe this before viewing the video. Hell, I’m not even sure if I believe it after watching the video. That’s just how awesome it is.

I’m not only astonished by the whole time traveling thing going on in a GTA game, but with the immaculate detail of the Delorean itself. You know, this is why every game should come with heavy modding support. Mods extend the life of games by a ridiculous amount.

How many full fledged games have been actually made, as a result of what modders have come up with? If more publishers would pay attention to mods and pick them up, to make full fledged games, the cost of establishing mod kits for the community would more than pay for itself. Not only that, but it would bring a lot of creativity and unique ideas to the gaming scene. It’s often only in mods, that one can afford to test out crazy ideas.

I do think I should warn you, if you attempt to use this mod. Apparently, according to the youtube description, it’s relatively difficult to install correctly. So if you’re not very familiar with the GTA 4 modding scene, you may want to evaluate how badly you want a time traveling Delorean.