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Dust 514: Instant Battle Matchmaking System Explained

Similar to what Treyarch proposed earlier for their Black Ops 2 matchmaking system, Dust 514 will also ensure that players of the same skill level go against each other.

Their proposed system is called the Instant Battle Matchmaker and it will be added to the game in an upcoming patch called the Precursor update. The system will pit players who are at the same skill rank against each other, making it a fair battle.

The question arises as to what defines the skill rank of a player? Dust 514 has it’s own algorithm that takes into consideration several criteria during matchmaking.Some criteria are hardware-based, such as internet speed/latency, while others are based on player statistics, measuring players’ overall strengths and then pulling them into balanced teams using that information.

It’s interesting to know that in future updates battles will also be fought for planet district ownerships within the EVE Online universe on behalf of NPC corporations.

The Instant Battle Matchmaking system will be tested to it’s fullest in it’s upcoming beta phase.