RaiderZ Introduces Ingen Free Port

Getting ready for PAX, it looks like Perfect World are cranking up the PR. They’re showing off more new zones than ever before.

The new RaiderZ zone featured in this latest string of previews is the Ingen Free Port, touted as a “safe harbour” for it’s visitors. It’s there that you’ll find a wide array of services and vendors, as well as many a wandering hero who is looking for a bit of respite.

The Senior Producer Mark Hill notes that they wanted to show the quieter side of the game world, since it can’t all be about combat.

The kingdom of Rendel and its many bustling cities, like Ingen Free Port, is key to bringing the world of RaiderZ truly to life.

Perfect World are looking to highly promote RaiderZ at PAX Prime this year, so look forward to a lot of new content and PR coming over the next couple of weeks.