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Mozilla Shows off the Power of HTML5 By Developing a 3D FPS

Since it was developed, HTML5 has been said to be a really good coding language for creating online browser-based games, but until now we haven’t really seen much come from it. It seems that the Mozilla team has finally gotten tired of your laziness and taken things into their own hands.

Meet BananaBread, a fully 3D first-person shooter playable in your web browser. In a nutshell, this game was developed by the folks at Mozilla to showcase the kinds of games that are possible with the newest version of Firefox, number 15.

BananaBread was developed by Mozilla to show our progress in action. We ported a complete C++ game engine to JavaScript using Emscripten. The original opensource engine is called Cube 2. It was designed to support first person shooters. Few believed porting a full, highly responsive game to JavaScript was an achievable goal. (We had our own doubts.) To our amazement, we found that we were able to build a demo that surpassed our highest expectations.

The game is Quake-esque shooter with a bit of Serious Sam and Halo thrown into the mix. Have a look yourself:

Source: WebPro News