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iPad Version of Bastion Releases Tomorrow

So apparently Supergiant Games has been developing an iPad version of their hit game Bastion.

It’ll launch a little later tonight, and if you have played Bastion before, on either Xbox Live Arcade or in your browser or on PC through Steam, you’ll feel at home with this version. While it does contain some minor tweaks, it’s functionally the same game that you know and love.

For those of you poor souls not in the loop, Bastion is an action RPG that tasks you, as The Kid, with restoring a floating island, the game’s namesake, to its former glory. In the process of rebuilding, you learn a thing or two about a beautiful world gone wrong. You’ll also kill tons of interesting and well designed bad guys.

The game’s most engaging aspect is how it tells the story. Bastion doesn’t club you over the head with cut-scenes or loads of dialogue. Instead, a gravely voiced narrator delicately dispenses context as you explore the game. He’ll comment as you pick up a new weapon or rebuild certain parts of the Bastion, he’ll poke fun when you fall off a ledge or get close to dying.  It’s one of Bastion’s most innovative features, dynamic story telling.

This iPad version and the other versions of Bastion do differ. For starters, this one packages in the game’s DLC. Also, some combat and upgrade mechanics get tweaked, to possibly balance out the limitation of the touch screen.

If you’re wondering, Bastion does have two control methods. One is a point-and-click kinda interface. The other is a traditional virtual button layout.

So if you haven’t played Bastion yet, do it. You really need to. It’s a great downloadable game — it’s inventive, it’s fun, and it manages to do so much within the confines of its relatively compact framework.

You can pick it up later tonight or tomorrow on the iPad app store for $4.99.