Best of British Indie Bundle Hits Steam for Real Low Cheap

A collective of British indie developers has teamed up to deliver the, Humble Bundle inspired, Best of British Indie Bundle. The Best of British Indie Bundle includes seven games all available through Steam for $9.99.

Included in the pack are Introversion Software’s strategy title DEFCON, Rudolf Kremers and Alex May’s ambient RTS Eufloria, Mode 7’s tactics game Frozen Synapse, Positech Games’ science fiction-themed Gratuitous Space Battles, Puppygames’ tower defense title Revenge of the Titans, and a pair of adventure games from Size Five Games: Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That!

Bundle buyers also receive an additional copy of Frozen Synapse, to give away to a friend and to entice them to also buy this awesome group of games.

To put this bundle into perspective, by the way, each game separately would normally cost you $79.94, so you would be crazy not to snatch up this amazing deal!