Activision VP Says Mobile Gaming Will Reach Console Levels

Activision’s vice president of mobile development, Greg Canessa, has said that Smartphones are growing even closer to  catching up to current-gen consoles in terms of graphics and playability.

“The CPU and GPU capabilities of mobile devices will reach Xbox 360 levels of graphical fidelity and processing power within the next generation,” Canessa told gaming site CVG in an interview published earlier today.

Activision will be creating a mix of casual and immersive gaming experiences on mobile, but as I say smartphones are more and more allowing for us to create those kinds of experiences. The games that Activision publishes on console, the games it publishes on PC, pretty soon we’ll be publishing those kinds of experiences on tablets and smartphones,” he added.

Activision apparently has some big plans in store to take full advantage of the graphical leap, as well. Canessa revealed later in the same interview that they are looking at their entire thirty-year portfolio of more than 350 brands and licences and carefully considering which ones to bring to smartphones.

Mobile is an emerging business for the company and it’s something we’re taking very seriously,” he said. “We are taking a thoughtful approach to it. Console and PC are still the major focus, but we feel that mobile is an important segment for our brands going forward.

He also took a small little swipe at Zynga, saying, “I know there’s another company that paid crazy money for mobile companies and spent a lot of time trying to mesh them together. That’s not our approach. We are taking an organic approach, building things from the ground-up.”

It’ll definitely be interesting to see where mobile gaming is going in the next few years.  It’s a great platform for indie developers and some great game ideas.  As the world becomes more and more absorbed in their phones it only makes sense that more and more gamers will want to have their games there too.