A Glance At Crytek’s Promising Yet Cancelled Game

We do know what Crytek has planned for the near future but oh it could have been so much more.

French artist Eric Cochonneau, formerly of Killzone developer’s Guerilla and Electronic Arts, has also worked at Crytek, where around 2008, he was responsible for the art direction on an undisclosed AAA title for Xbox 360 and PS3, which was ultimately never released. Or even seen publicly.

Until today, a NeoGAF user miladesn was digging around Cochonneau’s portfolio when they discovered the artwork, intended for an Xbox 360/PS3 game that was being developed by Crytek’s main German studio.

The game titled “Redemption” judging by the screenshots seems to be a game along the lines of “The Last Of Us”.
Post apocalyptic settings. Middle-age man with a young girl by his side. Got the drift yet?

Here is the Cochonneau’s portfolio, you can see all the screenshots there.

Too bad this game was cancelled. I would have liked to play “The Last Of Us” on the cry engine.