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Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmith Crafting Guide – Recipes, Refinement and Sigils

Name of the crafting discipline tells the story itself; a Weaponsmith is meant to craft metallic weapons like daggers, swords, axes, great swords, maces, shields, spears, and hammers.

You may think that this crafting discipline is only for Warriors or Guardians using the heavy armor but actually, Weaponsmith is apparently the most diverse discipline as it will allow you to craft items for every profession.

For run-down on Guild Wars 2 crafting, read our Crafting Guide. If you want to learn the arts of a Weaponsmith, you will have to meet one of these master trainers:

  • Mathael (Divinity’s Reach)
  • Taask Steamcaller (The Black Citadel)
  • Briain (The Grove)
  • Frayja (Lion’s Arch)
  • Gelfa (Rata Sum)
  • Ulyn (Hoelbrak)

Once you have learnt the craft of being a Weaponsmith, you can visit the Weaponsmith stations to craft various items.

These stations can be found in different cities and major outposts. You need to have the required materials to construct a particular weapon.

Guild Wars 2 – Inscriptions
Like many other disciplines, a Weaponsmith can make use of inscriptions for some attribute bonuses related to the crafted weapons. The three categories of inscription are as follows:

General recipe (Basic): 1x Wood Dowel + 3x Fine Crafting Materials
General recipe (Plated): 1x Metal Plated Dowel + 8x Fine Crafting Materials
General recipe (Imbued): 2x Metal Plated Dowel + 15x Fine Crafting Materials

As you can see from the formulas, the fine crafting materials are the primary need for different inscriptions.

Guild Wars 2 – Weaponsmith Refinement
Refine is the conversion of the crude raw materials into craft-able items. Not all the materials you collect can directly be used in building different weapons or parts.

You have to refine them before use. You can obtain the following refined products after refinement being a Weaponsmith:


  • Variations (3)
  • Materials (2x Ore)

Alloyed Ingot

  • Variations (3)
  • Materials (2x Ore + 1x Lump)

Wood Plank

  • Variations (6)
  • Materials (2x Wood Log)

Wood Dowel

  • Variations (6)
  • Materials (1x Wood Plank)

Plated Dowel

  • Variations (6)
  • Materials (1x Wood Plank + 3x Ingot)

Guild Wars 2 – Weaponsmith Upgrade Components (Sigils)
You crafted a weapon, now what? Well, if the item is useful to you, you can choose to upgrade it using Sigils:

Minor Sigil of Strength
You get 10% chance to apply might for 5s on critical.

  • Difficulty (0)
  • Materials (1x Bronze Ingot + 2x Destroyer Silver)

Minor Sigil of Sanctuary
Every time you kill an enemy, you will gain some charge.

  • Difficulty (25)
  • Materials (1x Bronze Ingot + 2x Crystal Silver)

Minor Sigil of Doom
When you swap the weapon with this Sigil, your next attacks in battle create poison for 3s.

  • Difficulty (100)
  • Materials (1x Bronze Ingot + 1x Molten Silver)

Minor Sigil of Destroyer
You get +3% damage against the destroyers.

  • Difficulty (100)
  • Materials (1x Bronze Ingot + 1x Destroyer Silver)

Guild Wars 2 – Weaponsmith Recipes
If you have tried the crafting on your own, then you must have tasted the bitterness of random trials. Agreed, that mixing the compatible materials randomly is fun, but if you want items with specific attributes, you are going to need some recipes.

You can buy them from different traders or you can check out this Weaponsmith Recipe Database which lists every possible item weaponsmith can craft and details the requirements to craft these items.