Guild Wars 2 Ranger Builds Guide – Dungeons, PvE, PvP and WvW

It’s time to get wild with the Ranger profession, as this unique profession of Guild Wars 2 allows you to control your pets and avail nature’s power to smite your foes.

In this guide we’ll go over some builds for various game modes. We will be using the  builder.

Note that only one sample pet has been chosen for all the builds – the pets used are entirely according to player choice, and hence you may wish to chance them according to your needs. Also, armor and equipment are NOT covered in this guide.

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Ranger Dungeon Builds

Signets of Wilderness:

This Ranger build takes advantage of the powerful Signets available in the Utility skills.

The Ranger seems to have some of the best Signets in the game, and the aggressive ones when combined with the Signet of the Beastmaster trait give you a huge advantage over enemies.

When it comes to the weapon, the Longbow seems to be the ideal choice for the profession. We take Sword and Axe as the auxiliary weapon choice, and it should give a decent amount of additional skill sets.

The positive part of the build is that it gives a nice mix of Vitality and Power, which makes you have both good amounts of sustenance and a generous amount of damage.

For trait-lines, we maximize Marksmanship to get full benefit from Signet-oriented traits. Points are also invested in the Wilderness Survival and Nature Magic to enhance your pet and to give you some good Vitality-Power conversion.

Pet Mastery:

It’s time to put your pets in the frontline, as this build focuses on utilization of Pet-buffing traits and maximizing the abilities of your animal companions.

The weapons being used are the same as the above build, but the Utility skills and traits defer vastly. We want to have a good mix of Utility skills that would aid us in combat. To give some control, we take traps and a few pet and self-buffing skills.

For traits, we’re maxing out Marksmanship with traits that will enhance the performance with the Longbow, and also maxing out Beastmastery to increase the potential of your pets.

Ranger PvE Builds

Tanky Wildman:

This is a pet-oriented tanking build for the Ranger in PvP games. With this build, the Ranger him/herself does not tank, but instead the pet does it.

Pets with this build will generally have larger amount of health and more survivability thanks to the regen and defense.

The Stone Spirit should help in survivability of your allies as well, and should give a general advantage over even the toughest enemies.

For traits, we make even distributions between all the trait-lines, focusing on reducing Signet CD and also improving the attributes of our pets.

Master of Traps:

This build is built around the witty usage of traps.

Though traps seem like a boring thing to have entire build built on them, they can be extremely rewarding and useful for your team.

Additionally, with a good combination of weapons like the Longbow and Sword & Axe, you get a variety of skills to use while your traps activate all around the place. The Elite skill Entangle also has an extremely essential roll to play, especially against foes that are fast and highly damaging.

For traits, we take all trap-oriented traits in the Skirmishing trait-line to maximize their effectiveness. Additionally, we take three major traits in Wilderness Survival to improve the performance of the weapon skills, and to reduce CD.

Ranger PvP Builds

Master of Traps 2:

Another trap oriented build, but this time made for PvP.

Because of the change in game mode, there are also some changes to the skills, weapons, and major changes in the trait-lines.

We’re taking the Shortbow this time around. Though it is less damaging, the Shortbow has a neat set of skills with a large amount of conditions, and they work brilliantly well with the traps used in the Utility skills (not to mention the pets as well).

For traits, we max out Skirmishing to get the most out of the weapons and the traps. We also take points in Wilderness Survival to increase the effectiveness of the pets.

Hunter’s Life:

This is an iconic build for the Ranger that uses some of the profession’s best aspects.

With a combination of vital Signets, some good buffs to the pets, and a slightly different weapon set, this build gives you a unique collection of skills that allow you to do massive damage in very short time.

Instead of the conventional bows, we’re taking melee-only weapons. This, along with good usage of pets, will allow us to heavily nuke single targets in PvP games. Of course, this would have to be the weakest or the most intimidating target (unless it is a tank).

For traits, we maximize the potency of the Signets, and give the character some general buffs from the traits in the Skirmish tree.

Ranger WvW Builds


The name of the build says it all. Though it may seem a bit lacking at first, the build can be very rewarding provided you have good knowledge of placement in WvW games.

This build requires you to be behind all of your team members (perhaps alongside an Artillery-based Engineer), and snipe away at everything you can with your Long and Shortbow. If anyone manages to come near you, you can decide to use Lightning Reflexes or Quickening Zephyr.

For traits, we maximize Marksmanship to get the best out of the Long and Shortbow. We also max out Skirmishes for an important CD reduction of our weapon skills, and to buff our pets. Just remember to position yourself wisely, and all should go well with this build.

The Forest Spirit:

This is a support build that also offers a large amount of damage. The build focuses on the use of Spirits for healing and buffing nearby allies, and utilizes the ranged Longbow and the trusty Axe & Warhorn combo for some vital weapon skill sets.

This supportive build comes with a good mixture of boons and large amount of conditions to play around with, which should really aid your team. Additionally, as stated earlier, the offensive part of the build can be used to play a dual role in team fights.

For trait-lines, we take more or less recognizable traits in the Marksmanship tree. We obviously have to maximize the Nature Magic trait-line as well, since it will offer us with plenty of enhancements for the Spirit abilities.